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“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

― Confucius

Who we are

The community’s need to have fun, organize itself and create opportunities for collective growth led to the birth of the Union to facilitate this as a tool of the community. Hence, we provide a platform that represents the collective interests, projects, and ideas of all students who have a fervor for Romanian culture. Our aim is to empower the student community by developing both professional and social aspects of their lives in order for them to become successful students and citizens in society.


To connect and empower the Romanian-Canadian student community. Although simple, this can have many ramifications that support members’ development socially, educationally, and professionally.


As a community oriented association, we support its development through student initiated projects that affect a variety of aspects in people’s lives, such as an inter-student aid network or fun social activities. These provide opportunities for the community to spend time together, grow, cohere, as well as develop its members on a personal level. Therefore, our open and light-hearted community is always excited to meet and integrate new people.


Considering our community’s background, culture represents a significant aspect of its members’ lives. Therefore, our projects also exhibit Romanian culture for both the community and people across Montreal to experience. People of Romanian origin will have the possibility to experience their culture, such as traditional dances, cuisine, Christmas traditions, etc., and learn more about their history. This allows the community and society to broaden their understanding of people, their lives and traditions for a widened perspective on human nature and the world.


By creating projects geared towards developing the community’s collective skills, such as a peer network for psycho-support and advice on how to more readily get through tough university life, we prepare our community for their future. We also provide our members the tools for success by organizing seminars and workshops for their development as future professionals in society, connecting them with other professionals, professors, and external networks.



Making our time spent as students more enjoyable and less overwhelming, providing our community with the tools for success, displaying our community’s unique culture is what changes our community’s life for the better. Additionally, the unique good humoured way of being that comes from our community’s common cultural background gives our members an experience they will never forget.


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