Constitution, By-Laws and Policies


The most important document of the Union, as it is the set of fundamental principles according to which the organization is governed. It defines the purpose of the Union, the procedure through which bylaws are made, the roles of the senate and executive committee, elections, membership, affiliations, etc. It is the contract between the Union and its members.

Constitution [pdf] (available soon) >

Constitutions are known to vary over time to adapt to the needs of the member community. Valuable input is always welcome; if you have any improvements or suggestions to make, such as changes to the structure, election procedures, etc., do not hesitate to obtain the necessary signatures to initiate a referendum or submit them in writing to the Senate for review.

By-Laws and Polices

Bylaws and Policies are a set of more detailed rules for the Union which define the finances, electoral procedures and rules, marketing procedures, etc. Unlike the Constitution, By-Laws and Policies may change by a simple vote in the senate and it is the duty of members to stay up to date.

Book of Bylaws [pdf] (available soon) >