Join a Department

Mission Statement: To create connections and empower the Romanian-Canadian student community.


Gain experience and have fun by volunteering for a position at the Montreal Romanian Student Union.

If you are interested in any of the following, please contact the MRSU at with the following:

  • a one-page resumé outlining your most relevant experiences.
  • a cover letter that answers the questions
    • “Why do you want to commit to the MRSU?”
    • “Why do you think you would be a good candidate for the position?”
  • any supplemental materials you would like to be considered when reviewing your application.

Check out the following departmental positions to find out which is a right fit for you :

External Affairs Department

Sponsorship and Public Relations Manager

  • Responsible for building strong working relationships with
    • potential sponsors of the Union,
    • potential collaboration partners for hosting educational or cultural events,
    • business contacts for business networking events,
    • members of the press and digital media,
    • any other party of interest to the Union.
  • Liaise with the press to communicate messages from the organization.
  • Proof read and where necessary rewrite statements from the executive committee to press and the media.
  • Ensure the integration of digital and social media alongside any press and media campaigns.
  • Work on ensuring the message and tone of written communications is consistent throughout the organization and fits with the overall brand.
  • Liaise with the press during times of crisis management or unexpected negative public relations incidents.

Communications Department

Marketing Manager

  • Develop the marketing strategy for the Union in line with Union objectives.
  • Plan and implement promotional campaigns.
  • Create and publish all marketing material in line with marketing plans.
  • Prepare online and print marketing campaigns.
  • Monitor and report on effectiveness of marketing communications.
  • Create a wide range of different marketing materials.
  • Maintain effective internal communications to ensure that all relevant functions are kept informed of marketing objectives.

Student Affairs Department

Events Manager

  • Coordinate a small number of events per year such as 5a7, parties, business networking events, cultural events, educational events, orientation activities for new students.
  • Keep a database of venues, caterers, DJ’s, fees, as well as liaise with venue mangers.
  • Give final approval for venues, music, caterers, menus, schedules of activities.
  • Calculate budgets and adjust when necessary.
  • Define company brand through events.
  • Drive attendance to events.
  • Ensure day of event goes smoothly.