Mission Statement: To create connections and empower the Romanian-Canadian student community.


The Union offers many volunteering opportunities that cover a wide range of activities, providing opportunities for students to gain experience and do what they love.



The most important aspect of the Union, projects give student members the freedom to initiate their own ideas with the support of the Union, which include access to resources and funding, depending on availability. You can start a club, sports team, activity, anything that builds the community; your imagination is the limit. Or maybe you prefer to join an ongoing project and help further its purpose. Either way, any small difference has a big impact on the world around you.

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The Executive Committee

Containing the most soliciting positions, the executive committee is for model leaders who enjoy being part of a team, taking responsibility, and making important decisions. It is composed of a president, 5 vice-presidents and a secretary that govern the Union’s operations, finances, marketing, public relations and student affairs. Members need to be able to work together and in conjunction with the senate to ensure the fulfillment of the Union’s high purpose.

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In order to efficiently ease workload, members of a department need to work in conjunction with their respective vice-president to achieve their goal. There are five departments: internal affairs, financial affairs, communications, external affairs, student affairs. Ranging from finance and accounting to marketing, event management and public relations, there are many disciplines found in the Union that are similar to a functional business and provide opportunities for development as well as trying out careers. Each have a variety of positions where students work together on different levels depending on their experience.

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