Start a Project

Projects are probably the beauty of this organization; students come together, generate ideas and see them accomplished, cultivating and cohering the community.

As a community-based organization, the Union supports and helps develop the initiatives of students. Do you have an idea your peers can benefit from? Are you passionate about something and want to inspire others? Register a project and develop it with the support of the Union!

Ideas for projects can range from academic groups to sports activities or dance lessons; your imagination is the limit.


Before submitting, consider the following points:

  • Does your project have a defined purpose?
  • Does your project develop the community?
  • Do you know who will commit to fulfilling that purpose?
  • What structure does your project need?
  • Does your project require funding? How much and for what purpose?
  • Are you familiar with the Project By-Laws?


Send an e-mail to with your project idea and we will reply shortly. Be sure to include

  • a proposed plan for your project in a business plan format.
  • a one-page resumé outlining your most relevant experiences.
  • a cover letter that answers the questions
    • “Why do you want to commit to the MRSU?”
    • “Why do you think you would be an excellent candidate to coordinate this project?”
  • any supplemental materials you would like to be considered when reviewing your project.


Alternatively, take a look at the ongoing projects and see which you may want to volunteer to.


Ongoing Projects

SFAT Project – Student Focused Academic Tips

Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity Romania

Currently under development.


Sample project ideas:

Educate Youth Program — help students finish the year strong by providing academic support, tutoring, and more.

Computer Science Club — create a group that pushes members to achieve greater performances and participates in competitions.

Magazine — launch a self-sustained publication promoting student activity: art, science, business, sport, etc.

Entrepreneur and Start-Up Seminars — coordinate seminars for how to become a successful entrepreneur.

Soccer Activities — coordinate games for soccer lovers.

Dance Group — learn or practice your dancing skills and even put on an occasional performance.

Band — start a band and even put on occasional performances.

Volunteer in Romania — coordinate volunteering projects.

Gaming Club — why not?