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The Senate is the main legislative body of the Union, responsible for creating by-laws, policies and programs, holding the executive committee accountable to their duties, calling for the impeachment of executives and senators that do not fulfill their duty, and having the final authority on all decisions, subject to reversal by only the General Assembly or Referendum. As a result, Senators are an integral part of the Union, essential to developing the future and direction of the Union.

Students and member societies are represented on the senate by 6 representatives from societies that pertain to universities, 4 representatives from societies that pertain to colleges, and another 6 representatives from the student body that are not constituents of a society. The remainder of the senate is composed of the Executive Committee, Senate Chair and Advisors to the Senate, of which the latter two are nonvoting members.

Meetings are conducted once a month to discuss Monthly Reports, the progress of the Executive Committee, approve budgets, and ratify various items. Any student member of the Union may attend senate meetings and has the right to bring up issues to be discussed.


In order to become a member of the senate, please fill out a nomination form. Nominations for positions on the senate commence in September.