Start a Society

Member Societies are an essential part of the Union since they provide more efficient communication with and better representation of students, more institution-specific activities that are of interest to students, and expand the Union’s foundation to enable more students to have fun and develop personally, as well as for the community to achieve its goals.

Combining all our resources, we are able to host a variety of activities and events that everyone can enjoy.

Do you want the community to become a better place? Then we encourage you to find a like-minded group of students at your institution and start a society as an affiliate of the Union!

We provide assistance and a few required documents to be able to start. Make sure to check with your institution’s student union for their eligibility requirements.

Becoming a member society comes with great benefits

  • You become part of an enabling group of students
  • You and your members benefit from our sponsors
  • You gain access to a platform where you can promote your activities
  • You gain access to MRSU funds
  • You enable and partake in even larger activities and cool events


Member Society Sample Constitution — English [pdf]


When completing your constitution, don’t forget to include the mandatory clauses!