Membership Benefits

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Membership has many advantages for students and graduates, regardless of ethnic origin

  • You have access to an enabling community and network
  • You will have access to various exclusive seminars, tutorials and networking events
  • You will have the ability to submit requests for specific events or projects
  • You will have the ability to develop a club, activity or project under the umbrella of the MRSU with access to funding (if available)
  • You gain access to attend and speak in Senate meetings
  • You will have the right to vote in elections, referenda and GA’s, or to nominate candidates
  • You will have access to become a candidate for senatorial, executive, departmental or committee positions
  • You will have access to hold a Membership Card

Additionally, acquiring a Membership Card will give members access to

  • Discounts at MRSU events
  • Discounts at various events in Montreal
  • Discounts at various restaurants and locales in Montreal
  • Discounts from various companies in Montreal

Please note that Membership Cards are available pending action for such by the Executive Committee.


To register to become a student member or a professional member, please click here.