Welcome to the MRSU

After nearly two years of activity, we are glad to finally launch our website! Take the time to navigate through our platform that aids members to keep up to date with the activities of the MRSU.

As you may know, the Union is a tool for the community and its members to organize itself, get together and have fun, and develop. Its purpose is to provide opportunities for the community to meet and cohere, and for individuals to grow as students, leaders, and future professionals, all while upholding Romanian culture in its activities, present through the lively and good-humored atmosphere. To do this, we organize various types of events that students enjoy, and provide them a platform that supports and publicizes their initiatives. In this respect, we hope to make an impact in people’s lives and change it for the better.

So far, the MRSU, in coordination with its affiliates, has hosted a variety of events including the Freshman’s Ball (Balul Bobocilor), various barbecues, movie nights, and outings which gave students to opportunity to meet, created many friendships, as well as showcased Romanian culture for all to enjoy. Further, we wish to include and integrate more students to continue our activity so they will proceed to have fun and meet each other, as well as develop themselves as professionals.

To do this and fulfill our mission, we send a request to the community to assist us by volunteering to advance the activities of the Union. This can be done in many ways, explained in the ‘Join the Team‘ tab. Of these, the most constructive are the Project idea, explained in more detail further on, for its flexibility and inclusivity.

Continuing with the website presentation, at the top of the webpage you will find the menu bar (on desktop) or button (on mobile) with various headers for simple navigation: About, Events, Publications, Partners, Member, Contact Us, Register and Log In. Each of these tabs contains information about our organization for you to better understand us and our role in the community.

In the About tab, you will find information regarding the association, its core purpose and values in more detail, the constitution and by-laws, organizational structure, member societies, and the various ways you can gain experience and have fun by getting involved and volunteering.

The most effective volunteering opportunity is the Project idea, where any member can implement an idea, project, activity, etc. with the support of the Union. These are easy to initiate and can vary from educational activities to organizing Romanian dancing lessons or even a computer science club; the limit is your imagination. In this way, we hope to involve students in activities they enjoy. Projects are the most beautiful aspect of the organization, and we hope students will take advantage to implement useful activities as well as beautify and cohere the community.

In addition to projects, the Union also needs volunteers for its Executive Committee, Departments, and Senate. The Executive Committee, which includes a President, VP Internal, VP Finance, VP External, VP Communications, VP Student Affairs, and General Secretary, is the most soliciting, for which there exist departmental volunteering positions to assist them with the workload. Above them, the Senate is the ultimate governing body, after the General Assembly, which contains representatives from the student body and Member Societies of the Union to develop bylaws and programs for the Union. Volunteering positions on the Senate are more oriented towards law and are less soliciting than Executive Committee positions.

Member Societies are associations affiliated with the MRSU, also referred to as chapters, that promote the same values of the Union and are registered with the student unions of universities or colleges. They play an essential part in the organization of the Union due to their more focused representation of student interests, as well as their greater ability to host events with access to resources from their institute’s student union. Combining these resources, we can organize remarkable events where students can meet other students and create connections, learn anything they need by inviting guest speakers, enjoy themselves and Romanian culture — something truly beautiful for themselves and the community.

In the Events tab, you will find information regarding previous and upcoming events, as well as pictures from past events in the Gallery. Our aim is to host at least two events each semester, such as the Freshman’s Ball (Balul Bobocilor) or an End of Semester BBQ. Additionally, any member can suggest an idea for an event (paintball, anyone?) for everyone to enjoy spending time together and make our student experience more memorable.

This year, our first event will be a potluck BBQ where students can have fun outdoors, cook mititei (we all know what Romanian barbecues are like) and play their favorite sport or activity while meeting other students. More information here.

In the Publications tab, our blog is the main attraction which we use to communicate with the entire community. Passionate bloggers and journalists are welcome to write about what crosses their minds — life in Montreal, Romanian fun facts, etc. — and publish it to our website. In this way, we give our members opportunities to develop their writing and gain exposure in the community with their ideas. If you know someone who loves to write, let him/her know!

In the Partners tab, you will find information about the companies that make the experience possible, available offers and discounts for members. Additionally, those wishing to become partners and aid the development of the community and its members will find contact information for further information on how to do so.

In the Member tab, you will find information regarding the benefits of a member, as well as how to become one. Membership to the Union is open to all students, regardless of ethnic origin, and we are excited to meet and integrate new people into our community, so don’t hesitate to join!



Other announcements:

Executive and departmental positions are open for anyone that wishes to have fun and gain experience in a wide variety of areas by volunteering for the Union. More information about applying for the executive committee here and departments here.

We are looking for translators to develop the French and Romanian versions of our web page. If you are interested in doing so, please contact contact@mrsu.ca, and we will reply shortly.




Welcome to the MRSU
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